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Natural remedy for varicose veins and capillaries

The enlarged veins arise as a consequence of poor circulation and load of blood vessels, and if they are not treated on time, they lead to more severe diseases and thrombosis. Nature offers many medications that can alleviate and prevent enlarged veins.

Pumpkin treats of varicose veins

The medication for tired legs and varicose veins is the pumpkin. Put one piece of fresh pumpkin and place the mixture in the critical places. You will notice the effect after the first treatment.

The marigold plant is useful for the missed veins. Place the coat from this plant externally as a treatment for this disease. The flower of this plant is also useful and is used externally as a coating, because it is a great remedy against any inflammation of the skin.

Cranberries for varicose veins

Two handfuls of marigold (flowers, stems and leaves) are cut into small pieces.
Heat 500 gr. pig fat, and the fagot is added to the warm, greasy fat. Leave it briefly to boil, then remove the container from the fire.
The next day warm the mixture to become liquid so that it can drain and remove the marigold pieces.
Store the prepared ointment in a jar or other suitable dish and daily (several times a day) mask the diseased places.

Vegetable juices:
Fresh vegetable juices, especially carrot juice combined with spinach juice, have proven useful in the treatment of this disease. The juice of this juice is 300ml. carrot juice and 200ml of spinach.

Wild Chestnut

Wild chestnut is a very effective remedy for varicose veins, which visibly reduces the enlargement of the veins, pain, fatigue, and swelling of the legs. It reduces inflammatory processes and strengthens the bloodstream, which reduces swelling of the legs and reduces cramps. Due to its medicinal properties in folk medicine it is used for making leg pain and varicose veins and its daily use is recommended.

Apple cider vinegar

A massage of apple cider vinegar and its consumption also helps in the expanded veins. gently massage with apple cider vinegar, morning and evening. Do not press strongly, but just rub the gentle appetite. Alongside, drink a glass of lukewarm water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It takes about one month to use this treatment continuously to see the results.

Wearing elastic stockings is of great benefit as a preventative measure, but also as a treatment for extended veins when surgical intervention is not necessary.

Tips: How to Prevent the Progress of the Illness?

Keep your body weight within the recommended limits for your height, age and general condition of the body
Consume foods rich in fiber
Do not consume salty foods
Do not sit or sit for long, but if you must, make a break by walking or occasionally doing vein exercises, for example, circular movements with your feet, a few steps, or repeatedly lift yourself to the tips of your fingers
Walk for at least half an hour during the day to improve circulation
Do not sit cross-legged
Lift your feet whenever you can. While sitting, place them on another chair or pillow to ease the return of the blood in the direction of the heart
Avoid high heels and excessive clothing in the leg circumference
Sleep on the left, place a pillow behind your back, and lift your feet with another pillow
Avoid solarium, saunas and hot spas. The heat causes the spread of blood vessels,
Cold showering helps to regulate the proper circulation
Drink enough fluids, above all mineral water, natural juices and tea




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