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Every Night You Will go to Bed With Onions in Your Socks!

It may sound strange and unbelievable and certainly would not immediately accepted this experiment. Think of all the stink and discomfort and cancel before know what the secret is.

lukac-u-carapu-foto-healthywildandfree-com_1000x0In Chinese medicine believes that the feet are powerful zone and direct contact with all internal organs, thanks to the so-called “Meridians” located here and go through the whole body.

On the other hand, onions and garlic have tremendous power of absorbing bacteria and clean the body. When those two things are put together, you get a perfect recipe for an inexpensive and simple detoxification.

All this is related to the nervous system, because there are 7000 feet in nerve endings (meridians) that go directly to the internal organs.

It is important endings, often neglect for all day wear shoes, so nerves are not stimulated in the right way. Therefore, among other things, ideally walking on a sandy beach, barefoot.

One of the best ways to open these neural circuits is using onions. If you want to cleanse the body and do not have to stick to a diet or go to the sauna, chop the onion into thick rounds and place the soles and wear socks. While you sleep, the onions will cleanse the body.

It is known that onions clean skin because it kills bacteria, and phosphoric acid in the bloodstream can do wonders.

If through the nerve endings in the feet this acid into the bloodstream, to purify the blood and organs, and will remove bacteria and that he would encounter.



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