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Treatment of cancer with gassia (Petroleum)

In the First World War, Petroleum saved the lives of many Serbian soldiers. This derivative was used by the Greeks and Turks for the suppression of stomach ailments, and French doctors in the 19th century on the basis of turpentine and petroleum made disinfectants. Magellan has also been reported to have given their seafarers a small amount of petroleum.

Petroleum treatment began with oil processing, although some fractions of crude oil had been treated in prehistoric times. In ancient Babylon, oil derivatives were used to treat stomach problems, inflammation and ulcers, and the process of distillation of crude oil into fractions was first described in the 9th century in Persia.

EXPERIENCE of Dr. Paula Ganer [/ highlight]

On this topic, German physician Paula Ganner from the Jakob Clinic of Main, who had spent all of her working life on cancer testing, was the first to speak publicly. Dr. Ganner claims that who drinks 12 days a day in a tablespoon of petroleum, will never suffer from cancer, leukemia, or other serious illness. She herself was in a difficult situation when she was ill at the age of 31 on gut cancer, which had spread to the kidneys. When doctors concluded that they could not help her, they were fired from hospital. Then the husband recommended to drink petroleum – after three days she got out of bed, and after six weeks she reached normal weight and was getting better and healthier. Since then, he recommended them to drink petroleum for healthy and sick people.

For this method there are testimonies from 2,000 patients.

The use of petroleum is the most widespread in poor countries, including Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. A study in Nigeria confirms that about 70 percent of residents use oil derivatives to treat common infections and infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis and rheumatic diseases.


Prof. Dr. Stanisa Stoiljkovic, head of the Department of Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Technology in Leskovec, told the magazine “Bileje i zdravje”. “Petroleum’s advantages are its thermodynamic characteristics, but provided that it is not infected with toxic additives and is used in small quantities. Petroleum therapy should be followed by detoxification and recovery of the body and have a holistic range. If one chooses to take a refined petroleum, it first needs to start with small amounts of a few drops, and after two or three weeks start using a soup spoon.

At the same time, it should use means or a diet that will stimulate and enable the body’s cleaning of heavy metals and toxins that petroleum has raised because it really raises toxic deposits from tumors, lymphomas and other landfills that end up in tissue fluids. Stojiljkovic believes that petroleum has components that can cross the membrane of the malignant cell and prevent its development. To achieve this, the digestive tract should be capable of transporting so that the vein port in the liver can bring aromatic fractions of the petroleum, which would flow through the blood in all organs and tissues. (VT)

In folk medicine, it is usually used petroleum which is used to illuminate the premises, known in our country as gas. On many blogs of folk healers and doctors in alternative medicine it is recommended to improve the health condition of using ordinary petroleum-kerosene for lighting, previously refined, not avopetrolejay-kerosene. But then you need to be careful because the gas has no declaration of the content of additives and can be poisoned.

[highlight] German tradition [/ highlight]

The Schwartz family from Berlin 70 years ago introduced practice, on Friday, every family member to take a 15-drop cube of sugar. This therapy has brought them good health and longevity. Elderly family members came to this idea after reading that Serbian soldiers in World War I cured all illnesses with petroleum.

[highlight] Pioneer Pancic [/ highlight]

Josif Pancic was the first to write about the healing properties of petroleum in the treatment of malignant diseases. At that time, some patients from Serbia got cancer, so they secretly started treating with petroleum.


Bulgarian miracle

Petroleum is also being drunk in neighboring countries. In Bulgaria, a case has been recorded with all medical documents for a person who is healed. A chronic alcoholic got sick of liver cancer and was fired from hospital for 10 days to die at home. Since he had no close friends, the neighbor passed by to visit him to find him. She remembered that she had been treating all the diseases with gassia earlier and began giving him one tablespoon of gassia in the morning and evening. The doctors concluded that he really did not have cancer. This example for the Bulgarian newspaper Doctor was told by Dr. Emil Hristov, former director of the agency for drugs, who is an adversary to such means and treatment, and therefore publicly asks if for this one case, now the gassia should be registered as a drug against cancer?

You risk the liver and pancreas

The medical petroleum that the super-sellers sell to cancer patients is massive, although doctors and experts warn that it is actually a pure poison that can pre-poison poisoning. You can find potion and tablets on the internet.

Natasa Grubisa, director of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of BiH, says that it is pure poison and that the positive effect of petroleum for medical purposes is not known. She stated that the agency appeared very interested in buying it.

“We suggested not to buy neither petroleum nor other anti-alcohol drugs because they do not know the composition,” Grubisa said.

Sasa Jungic, director of the Oncology Clinic at the Clinical Center in Banja Luka told the Nezavisne Novine that the drinking is literally poisoning and that this can cause serious health consequences. “The very fact that someone is drinking gasoline- It’s possible to damage the liver, stomach and inflamed pancreas.


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