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HOW TO SURVIVE if biten by hornets!

If you are dealing with gardening, be careful and protect open parts of the body. If you still get bite, immediately remove the thorn and put a cold compress.
Аnaphylactic shock sting of hornets is occurring for several reasons:

strslen– The person is allergic from that insect.

– As the sting is an a tricky place – in the area of ​​the face or neck, which causes swelling that causes choking.

– If the person in earlier days had been harmed by a wasp or hornets, so the immune system has become too sensitive to allergen and than in the case of re sting comes to anaphylactic reactions of the body.
It is necessary to emphasize that in case of anaphylactic shock, should immediately summon emergency assistance to implement antishok therapy. This therapy can be performed only by professionals who monitor symptoms and determine the dose of corticosteroid and an antihistamine to counteract the allergic reaction.

If man is in deadly danger, and at that point there is no doctor around who would help , the allergic reaction can be alleviated by adrenaline injection that is received in advance. Therefore, if you are at risk of hornets, especially if you are allergic to the sting of it, you need to have such an injection, but first you should consult a doctor.

Where there is no allergic reaction, but it’s just plain swelling, the place of the bite should be treated with cold compresses. For this purpose you can use a cold object such as metal spoon. However, in some cases, an allergic reaction can be delayed from 8 to 10 hours, and still best to consult a doctor even if you think there is no danger.

Finally we give you another useful tip.

Experienced beekeepers say the swelling of hornets, bee and wasp can be treated by aspirin or Andol pill. It is necessary to hold the tablet in the area that is swelling for a minute.


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