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Ukraine old cure for sore throat and cold – Gogol mogol

Originating in Russia and the Ukraine, this hot drink is the result of whisking together an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey or sugar. Pour the mixture into a half-cup of milk that’s been heated with a tablespoon of unsalted butter. (For an adult version, you could add a slug of rum or cognac.)

No studies measure the efficacy of gogol mogol. However, the silky consistency of the egg may ease sore throat scratchiness. And the L-tryptophan in hot milk can help promote sleep when it’s paired with a carbohydrate like

Drink gogol-mogol for today very muchIs popular with us in the country. There are many recipes for its preparation. The most important thing in a drink is the presence of chicken eggs

Classic gogol-mogol – recipe


Egg – 2 pieces;
Salt, sugar – to taste;
cream, nutmeg – for decoration.


Separate the yolks from proteins. We remove the proteins for 10 minutes in the refrigerator, and in the yolks add salt, sugar and whisk thoroughly with a mixer. Mass should increase approximately 2 times. We take out refrigerated proteins from the refrigerator, add sugar, salt and also whisk until the foam forms. Then pour gogol-mogol into the glasses, mixing the whipped yolks with whites and, if desired, decorate with cream and nutmeg.



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