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Cannabis Oil for cancer – how to make it – Recipe!

With this oil, according to Simpson’s words, you can cure diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis.

marihuana uljeThe self-taught doctor and one of the greatest fighter for cannabis legalization in the medical area, Rick Simpson, has discovered a recipe that he posted on his web site.

The idea was to freely share the recipe of the cannabis oil with the people around the world, that according to his claim, has cured the toughest kind of skin cancer that he faced 11 years ago.

With this oil, according to Simpson’s words, you can cure diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis.

This is the recipe:

    1. Put the totally dried leafs of the herb in a plastic pot.
    2. Dip the leafs in the solvent you are going to use. You can use different solvents. I use plain petroleum, but 170ml costs 360 euro. You can use 99% isopropyl alcohol that can be found in the local pharmacies. The alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll of the herb than the oil. It causes the oil made of alcohol to have more color. If the process is done right, there won’t be solvent left, or it will be in little quantities. You will need 8l of solvent to reduce the THC from half a kg of the herb.
    3. Pestle the herbs using a wooden stick.
    4. The herbs should be totally dipped. Pestle it with a stick. While you do that, the THC is reduced from the herb.
    5. Do it every 3 minutes.
    6. Filter it in another pot without the herbs. You have just reduced 80% of THC of the herbs.
    7. Second filtering – pout solvent again in the herbs to reduce the other 20% of the THC.
    8. Filter it in the other pot with the previous filtered mixture.
    9. Throw away the herbs.
    10. Filter the mixture through coffee filter in a clear pot.
    11. Boil the mixture.
    12. Put it in a pot with ¾ volume. Be sure that you are doing this in a clean room that is well aired and turn on the air conditioner. The steam is highly flammable. Be sure there are no heating elements in the room, in order not to cause fire.
    13. Turn it on and make it on high heat.
    14. Add the mixture in the pot and as the level lowers down add more of the mixture.
    15. When the mixture is almost steamed add several drops of water to the mixture. The quantity of water you add depends in how much herbs you had at the beginning. If I use half a kg herbs, a add 10 drops of water.
    16. When there is 25mm of the mixture left, put on gloves and slightly spin the pot.
    17. Spin the pot until the solvent evaporates totally. The drops of water will help it steam totally and keep it from too much heating. The temperature of the oil should not be more than 140 celsius degrees.
    18. Put on gloves and remove it from the stove.
    19. Carefully pour it in a clean metal pot.
    20. Put the pot on something that slowly heats. It can last for a couple of hours until the water and the solvent evaporate totally from the oil. When there are no reactions on the surface, the cure is ready to be used.
    21. Pour it in a bottle.

Priprema Kanabis Ulja ( Recept ) by vireality



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