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Remedy – treats pains in the back, bones, digestion, cholesterol, heart, immunity, skin

Beef gelatine is highly effective for allergies and relieves adverse reactions. Good for muscle and heart, and is considered the best natural remedy for bones.

Gelatin is a product of natural origin. It is obtained by processes of processing bones, tissues … from livestock. Proline and hydroxyproline are powerful amino acids found in gelatin, which stimulate growth and improve the structure of connective tissue, which is necessary in the treatment of weak joints and bones. If you have ever wondered why gelatin is used in a hospital, then you may want to read about health benefits. Gelatin is made from boiling bones of animals, cartilage and skin to extract collagen. Collagen is a fibrous material that connects the muscles, bones, and skin in animals, and when it is processed, it becomes, what we call gelatin. It consists of a huge amount of amino acids because it is composed of 98-99% protein

Gelatine is a high-quality medicine and offers a wide range of health benefits, decomposes very easily from the digestive system and with a minimal effort delivers on the body a rich range of amino acids:

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– Strengthens the joints and the heart – Strengthens the metabolism – Improves mental ability – Improves the tone – Gives elasticity, strengthens tendons and ligaments – Prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis – Improves skin and hair structure – Powerful effect in the treatment of dysplasia

Gelatin contains copper, selenium and phosphorus, and various amino acids in the composition help reduce inflammatory processes, wound healing and fine-colored hair, skin and nails.

Gelatine peptides have and amplify the action of the gastric mucosa casing – they increase resistance to ethanol, acids and stress, which is a therapeutic and preventive measure against the development or progression of the ulcer.

It is rich in amino acids, especially with glycine having an anti-inflammatory effect and can repair the tissue. The high percentage of proteins in gelatin is a first-rate stimulus for muscle groups. The amino acids it contains, including glycine and arginine, also help to heal muscle tissue.
Gelatin can improve metabolism and burn fat in the body.

Treatment should last a month, and after a full year it will be repeated. This way you restore the natural “lubrication” of the joints

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It improves stomach health and digestion

Bovine gelatin is useful for preventing damage to the gut and strengthening the walls of the digestive tract and thus prevents the bowel syndrome. The strong walls of the digestive tract also mean the prevention of food and bacterial particles that enter the bloodstream and thus cause inflammation. Gelatin also collects water and liquids and therefore prevents bloating and constipation.

Protects the wrists

Collagen and gelatin are known for the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The first occurs most often in the elderly and is considered the main cause of frequent joint pain. pain, stiffness and limited joint mobility is a major problem due to broken collagen. Therefore, gelatin and collagen help reduce pain and prevent the spread of the disease.

Better sleep quality

Certain studies have shown that gelatin helps people with sleep problems, especially because of stress, if they take three grams of gelatin before going to bed.


In case you worry if your skin is damaged by the sun, whether you get stretch marks , be aware that the intake of gelatin and the direct application of collagen can help to improve the appearance of the skin. It is also excellent in the process of skin renewal and protects against harmful UV rays and free radicals. One of the reasons we get pain and aging is because our collagen cells are decreasing, and this starts for most people at 20 and 30 years and continuously increases the process. How we lose collagen, we get cellulite faster, the skin hangs more and we get stretch marks. Therefore, collagen and iron can help restore the skin.

hair and nails

With the help of gelatin, hair can grow faster and be stronger. You can also strengthen your nails.

immune system

80% of the cells in the system are in the stomach, which means your system reflects your digestive health.


Collagen is most commonly associated with healthy

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